WQFHMA - an Assemblage

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A collage is generally thought of as incorporating two dimensions - i.e. a flat work of art. An 'assemblage' is very like a collage, saving that it goes beyond the physical boundaries of a collage by allowing for three dimensions instead of two.

My assemblages are all constructed of elements, many of which are picked up or 'found', that have interconnected resonances for me. The resonance may be between colors or textures, or through similar materials or even similar planes of existence or use. I frequently don't know exactly what connects the items I assemble, but I do know that they always seem spiritually appropriate in the end for me.

WQFHMA an Assemblage
Framed and behind glass, this assemblage is created from a number of collected items as well as traditional artistsí materials. They include hand-crafted papers and hand-painted papers cut and woven. The letters are laser cut wood and there are solid brass escutcheon pins included.
  • dimensions are 15" x 18" x 3/4" thick including the frame.
  • gallery list price is $ 425.00
  • Signed and dated on the front, I will provide upon request, a letter of certification for gallery asking price.
  • note that colors will vary from†monitor to monitor.

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