At Sixes and Nines

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This assemblage is created entirely from collected items including the homemade box that's serving as a framework for the piece. Only a minimum of other materials has been used and almost no traditional artistsí materials.

I began my journey on this piece with the repeated doll's faces - bisque. They seemed to cry out for pigeonholes. Their decoratively oval shape was an attraction.

The graphically oval quality of the sixes and nines allowed my love of letters and numbers through the door, and the tiny holes at the sides of the sign inserts suggested the buttons. Each of the other elements slowly suggested itself through some association or other, and the result is as you see it.
At Sixes and Nines


  • This assemblage is executed with a variety of found materials and housed in a likewise-found, wooden box.
  • dimensions are 8" x 12" x 2" thick.
  • gallery list price is $ 675
  • note that colors will vary from†monitor to monitor.

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