Dual Glances

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The penetrating and focused stare of these two faces is what began my journey in creating this work. I encountered the dolls heads presented as a pair available for purchase, and couldn't do anything but buy them.

They're riddled with associations and puzzles. If I think of them as persons, then why are they together and what does each see? If I view their objective qualities, I muse on the obvious antiquity, the holes in the tops of the heads and the missing pair of eyes. Is my compassion fueled by the questions that I conjure as if they were humans or is it conjured by speculations about their real existence as discarded, but perhaps once-loved toys. A Universe of comparisons, contrasts and dichotomies arises.

That inner monologue and more is what I want the viewer to feel with this work. And I marvel at the power of two small objects to evoke in me all that they do.

Dual Glances

  • This assemblage/painting is executed with a variety of found objects on a backing of acrylic painted maple.
  • dimensions are 14" x 24" x 7" deep.
  • gallery list price is $ 1,650
  • It is deliberately unframed.
  • The work is igned and dated on the back..
  • note that colors will vary from monitor to monitor.

If you're interested in purchasing this artwork or have questions, click on the e-mail link below. Be sure to include the painting title in your query. Purchase arrangements can be made via PayPal, money order or certified check.

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