Trovatore (1)

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Inspired by Verdi's "Il Trovatore", this collage utilizes some unorthodox materials. It's been created on handcrafted paper and is 8"x10" more or less.

Trovatore (1)

Trovatore (1)  Trovatore (2)  Trovatore (3)  Trovatore (4)
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  • This collage is executed with acrylic paint and an assortment of other materials on handcrafted paper.
  • dimensions are 8" x 10" approximately.
  • gallery list price is $179.00 
  • note that colors will vary from monitor to monitor.

If you're interested in purchasing this artwork or have questions, click on the e-mail link below. Be sure to include the painting title in your query. Purchase arrangements can be made via PayPal, money order or certified check.

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