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The product of a wonderful Saturday at a Chelsea flea market, this assemblage contains elements that I felt resonated between themselves and their surroundings. Like most of my assemblages, it was formed over a protracted period while I tested a field of many other elements for their appropriateness.

I can't always explain what is behind my choices, but in this case, I can say that I was feeling a sense of life's disassembled qualities despite it's precision moments. If you'd like a bad joke that's actually expressive of what was going on for me ... I was playing with the way things tick.


This assemblage is created from a number of collected items but few traditional artistsí materials. It is housed in a pine frame under glass, wired and ready to hang. I've signed it on the back.

dimensions are 12" x 15"

If you're interested in this artwork or have questions, click on the e-mail link below. Be sure to include the assemblage title in your query.

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