Jamaica Center

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Named after one of the stops on the Metropolitan Transit Authority subway system, this painting is inspired by the wonderful antique tiles that abound throughout the New York stations. The painting's other qualities owe no little debt to the age and conditions that you might find there.

The surprisingly subtle-but-energetic hues of the tiny tiles that make up many of the orginal station signs are a constant source of delight. That's what I'm expressing in this otherwise abstracted composition.

The painting is done in mixed media, which is to say that it is basically artist's acrylic paints with a section of nylon netting appliqued to define the tiles and add some texture to the many layers of glazing that create the piece.

Jamaica Center

  • This acrylic painting is executed on gallery-wrapped,acid-free cotton canvas.
  • dimensions are 18" x 27" x 3/4" thick.
  • gallery list price is $450
  • It is ready-to-hang with painted sides that make framing unnecessary.
  • It has been varnished with a coating for protection which also shields the colors from UV light.
  • Signed and dated on the back as well as the front, I will provide upon request, a letter of certification for gallery asking price.
  • note that colors will vary from monitor to monitor.
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