Point of Entry

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Materials, textures and shadows were the key elements in my mind during this creation. I was intriqued about how the changeability of the small, cotton flags would behave and how their shadows would affect the look of the composition.

Point of Entry

  • This mixed-media painting is executed on a standard maple panel.
  • dimensions are 16" x 20"
  • gallery list price is $1,100
  • It has a wooden frame and is ready to hang.
  • It has been given a protective coating which also shields the colors from UV light.

If you're interested in this artwork or have questions, click on the e-mail link below. Be sure to include the painting title in your query.

Purchase arrangements can be made via my Zhibit Store at www.zhibit.org/lewisfolden where you can choose between PayPal or debit/credit cards.

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