Whispers #2

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Composed of found objects in a mixed-media presentation, “Whispers #2” is a minimalist assemblage that plays on the resonances between the various elements in the composition. Colors connect, placements relate to each other, and materials have quixotic juxtapositions. Real autumn leaves relate to postage stamps, while their faded quality speaks to the carefully arranged nails. The circular disks are mica and they have yet another place in the scheme.

"Whispers #2" is based on sturdy composition board with a gesso ground, loosely applied to allow glimpses of the board beneath, giving a textured and slightly rustic look that softens the regimentation of the elements. The board is backed with a hidden frame that allows the assemblage to to float free of the surface upon which it will be hung. It's deliberately not framed, but could happily be housed in a deep shadow-box to protect the various elements if desired.

There is a companion piece, “Whispers #1” which complements this version, and although they’re not meant as a diptych, they would look handsome displayed as a pair.

Whispers #2
This assemblage is created from a number of collected items as well as traditional artists’ materials. See the description above for details.
  •   dimensions are 14.25" x 18.5" x 1/4" thick .
  •   note that colors will vary from monitor to monitor.

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